DIY African Ankara Dutch wax print button earrings


Button earrings are definitely one of my favorite statement pieces to rock. I came across blogs from several creative ladies like this one from Melanie of O So Chic. Her tutorial is detailed and fun and triggered me to give it a try and make a pair of African print earrings myself. Besides the fact that these button earrings look very sophisticated, chic and colorful, they are very easy to make. So roll up those sleeves and make a pair of your own!


Supplies needed:
– cover buttons with a flat back (the buttons I use have a diameter of 38 mm / 1.49 inch, feel free to use any size you want)
– cover buttons mold + pusher
– paper template
– a pair of scissors
– Ankara fabric of choice
– a pen
– hot glue or craft glue
– earring posts
– earring backs

Place the paper template on the fabric. The outer circle of the template shows the amount of fabric what is needed. The inner circle shows you what the button is going to look like.


Draw a line around the outer circle of the template.

Cut out the circle on the fabric. Now you have a round piece of fabric.

Place the fabric with the right side down in the button mold.

Place the cover button front on top of the fabric with the concave shell downwards.

Use your thumb or pusher to press the cover and the fabric down.

Now turn the mold to check if the fabric is in place as preferred. If so, tuck in the excess fabric.

DSC_buttonmoldpusher DSC_moldbutton DSC_moldbuttonup DSC_buttonmodclose

Place the cover button back on top. Use the pusher to press it down until you hear it click.

Turn the mold and press to remove the with fabric attached button. It will pop out.

DSC_buttonmoldtoppusher DSC_buttonmoldtop DSC_waxprintbutton DSC_buttonearringbackgluegun

Attach the earring post with a small amount of glue and let it dry.


DSC_buttonearringonear DSC_buttonearringonear2 DSC_0217

There you go! Chic and effortless.










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